BMW K1200S lap at Nurburgring Nordschleife

Faster movie trailer

Windows Media
Top Gear, coverage of Porsche Carerra GT

Party Cellphone Ad

Streetracer Cellphone Ad

Groupie Cellphone Ad

World Champion Stunter

Radio controlled Concorde

F-350 Diesel 1/4 Mile

Hayabusa Turbo

Hayabusa (Suzuki GSX-1300R) Turbo, at Deal's Gap

Another, different Hayabusa Turbo, pulling wheelies at sick speeds

Yet another, Hayabusa Turbo rolling a wheelie

Pizza delivery on a scooter

GSX-R 1100 powered kart

Learn to drift without crashing your transportation

The Wrong Car


One long ass burnout.
Dude screws up his stoppie

FD3S 4-Rotor drag pass (Mute your audio, this is loud as hell)

Ford SportKa commercial, with bird

Ford SportKa commercial, with cat

Dewalt drill commercial

Shockwave Flash
Honda Cog advertisement

Another excellent car ad